The Best Way to Prepare for the Energy Risk Professional (ERP) Exam in 10 Steps.

Posted on June 14, 2011


  1. Start early, finish early. I recommend you start with the original reading materials at least six months before the exam.
  2. Take notes while examining the study material. Instead of simply reading the textbooks it is best to take notes from the beginning.
  3. Regularly review what you have learnt. Briefly review your notes, diagrams, and earmarked pages every few days or at least just about every weekend.
  4. Explain to others what you have learnt. If you possibly can, study together with other ERP candidates in your city or in an on the net study group, but this will make sense only upon having read and summarized the core readings.
  5. Solve as may several practice questions as possible. In order to drill from the concepts, you must stimulate your brain. If it feels difficult, then your brain works to make new connections, and therefore you are learning something.
  6. Take a day or two off work prior to the exam. You should not enter overdrive mode right before quiz day.
  7. Research the exam center. Go there once prior to the exam, find out where parking is, if the exam is taking place on a university campus, find out in which building will probably be taken.
  8. Bring your individual lunch to the exam. At the exam site, there may be some sort of cafeteria, but you should bring your individual lunch.
  9. Do not engage in discussions about the study material right before the exam with other candidates. Save this for later. The exam will be difficult enough.
  10. Take it step by step during the exam, but you should definitely solve every question right when you attempt it the first time. Time is usually no problem.

For your preparation, I recommend you utilize the ViveraRISK Concept Checkers for the ERP exam as your resource to review and drill the most salient concepts related to the ERP. There is currently no other comprehensive review package of the study material in pdf format available, and I think this will greatly assist you in your preparations. Check out the Concept Checkers and other resources for the ERP on my site

Also make sure to check the overview on Youtube.