Study Material for the Energy Risk Professional (ERP) Exam

Posted on August 14, 2014


Are you preparing for the ERP exam but do not quite know where to start? There is a great online study resource put together by Alex Janis, an experienced Energy Risk Professional. His site includes many articles about the designation, and how to prepare best for the exam. Over twenty blog articles about energy, energy risk, jobs in the field, and his own practical experiences round out the website. Feel free to visit it by clicking on the image below.

energy risk professional study material

One thing that ERP candidates often forget is that the exam has just as much to do with the right approach to learning as knowing about energy risk. I have seen experienced energy traders with years in the field fail, just because they did not have the right exam technique. Most of us have been out of school of quite a while, so it is extremely helpful to brush up on the how exams such as the Energy Risk Professional work. The website provides much insight about this, and I encourage all exam candidates to take advantage from the blog posts available for free on the site.

I have written about the ViveraRISK Concept Checkers before. Many test takers have used them over the years, with great results. They give you the 50,000 foot view you need to keep the upperhand about the vast amount of knowledge GARP wants you to know. The syllabus is quite comprehensive. With that comes a certain degree of overwhelm, partly because the material is not organized in the best way. When have you sifted through hundreds of articles, academic papers, reports, and book chapters for the last time? When I saw the syllabus for the first time, I was immediately reminded of the time I wrote my Masters’ thesis in university. Preparing for the ERP is quite similar, in my opinion. It just stops short of writing a thesis yourself. But the time for preparation, reading, memorizing, and organizing the material is on par with preparing for a degree.

The Concept Checkers help you organize the material in a more structured way. They summarize the most important Learning Objectives (LOS) for you, so you can familiarize yourself and check your knowledge related to certain topics. I have found that many candidates found this invaluable as a preparation resource. There are free samples for the Concept Checkers available on for you.

Unless you have already done so, I recommend you have a look at the 10 Steps to Prepare for the ERP exam first. When you’re just starting out, this will lay out the field of what you may want to consider in your preparation.

I hope this helps. All the best for your exam preparation for the Energy Professional. See you on the other side!